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History trivia questions are one of the most popular categories in general knowledge trivia quizzes. The topics of trivia questions about history can vary, and the subjects covered are vast. Historical figures are popular in trivia questions – their achievements, the weaknesses, and any interesting but trivial historical fact from their biography. Historical events are also very popular in history trivia questions – maybe it says something about human nature that the most popular history triva questions about events focus on wars – who fought whom and where etc.

Good history trivia questions always enlighten our minds to facts that have some meaning or at least interest. It is the easiest thing to just ask for dates of history events.

For example: you could ask an easy trivia question about what date Truman announced the end of WWII, but good trivia questions will try to find and interesting and surprising 'angle' to the same historical fact. In this case, a good historical trivia question would say something like: "Ending WWII, Japan officially surrendered on Sep. 2 1945. On what date did president Truman announce the end of WWII. a. Sep. 2, b. Sep 4, c. Aug 15th, d. he never made such an announcement." Now this makes a seemingly uninteresting history question into a challenging history trivia question. The answer, by the way, is c. Truman didn't wait for an official surrender and announced the end of the war two week earlier.

To write good history trivia questions you should always look for an angle that makes history interesting and not just about remembering dates and names.

In this website you can find a lot of good history trivia questions Courtesy of the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center.

history trivia questions

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